Gandahar (a.k.a. Light Years) 1988

from "Gandahar (a.k.a. Light Years)"

Here’s a tough one to find and even tougher to find in the English dubbed version (original language French). I place Isaac Asimov‘s name as an association to this film, as did Harvey Weinstein (after his purchase of the original version film Gandahar) for American audience attraction. A lot of editing interrupts the story but nostalgic fans of the magazine Heavy Metal may find it interesting to view. Gandahar is the last of three releases by René Laloux, the other two being Time Masters and the cult classic Fantastic Planet. The basic story line involves a fantasy world’s harmonious life being invaded by robotic drones sent to destroy their tranquility. Why? I suppose the intention of the mysterious source may implied….storyline on this one wasn’t the best and I can only surmise that a lot was lost in the interpretation. I did appreciate the underclass mutants in the movie, who step in and save the hero of the movie so he can go on to slaying the evil force later. Nice imagery, voice talents include Glen Close, Christopher Plummer, Bridget Fonda-they even got Teller from Penn and Teller to do a voice.


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