Krabat – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1977)

the evil one-eyed sorcerer from "Krabat"

You need to be a real animation enthusiast to watch this Chzech masterpiece, or speak the language to thoroughly enjoy it, but I have to applaud this 1977 film by Karel Zemen which is one of the best examples of cutout animation around. The character movements are graceful and the color usage is so fitting to this tale of a beggar in 18th century Lustatia who is lured to become an apprentice for an evil one-eyed sorcerer. The characters are quite expressive-loved the black crows that confront Krabat in the stable. The best place to catch this one is on YouTube where if you don’t have the devotion to sit through the entire movie, you can at least see a portion of it.


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