Rock and Rule

(l to r) Omar, Dizzy and Stretch from "Rock and Rule" 1983

The 1983 American released version of the Canadian film “Rock and Rule” fairs as a nice example of 80’s era old school approach to animation. The result of their rotoscopic movement mixed with early developed computer graphics as special effects makes it nostalgic to watch. 80’s era rock mixed in a predictable storyline. The basic storyline follows mouse-like bipeds Omar (Paul Le Mat, singing voice Robin Zander), Angel (Susan Roman), Dizzy (Dan Hennessey) and Stretch (Greg Duffell)who play in a rock band in Ohmtown. An aging rockstar named Mok (voice of Don Francks, singing voice by Lou Reed) still reigns as top rocker but needs a new voice to bring forth a demon from another dimension. He hears Angel’s voice and begins to seduce her with grand illusions of advancing her career. The slow fluid movement of Mok’s hair and zany non-looping animation sequences kept it entertaining. The masked in backgrounds remind one of Ralph Bakshi’s approach to backgrounds in films like Wizards or American Pop. By today’s standards the laser show effects seem comical, but remember, for that era, computer backgrounds were still just being toyed with. A great tribute to some rock legends by bringing together the voices of Deborah Harry, Lou Reed, Robin Zander and Iggy Pop.


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