Allegro Non Troppo (1977)

Evolved cola creatures move in time to 'Bolero' from "Allegro Non Troppo"

This 1977 film has been described as a parody of Disney’s Fantasia or an adult Fantasia, which pretty well sums up this 1977 Italian animated/live action film directed by Bruno Bozzetto. The aspect that can be appreciated in this film is it’s ability to tell a story without the restrictions of dialogue. The film is in Italian, however watching any of the animated pieces within this movie needs no knowledge of the language as we view six different pieces of classical music. The wet-on-wet backgrounds remind one somewhat of the colorful backgrounds in Yellow Submarine, but with a more loose, expressive approach. The use of shifting tonal effects on the main characters in ‘Bolero‘ and the synchronized movement make it one of the most enjoyable (and longest) pieces in the film. Various comparisons have been made to this film and Fantasia, such as the evolution scene in Allegro when compared to Disney’s Rite of Spring, however one can still appreciate the artwork and animation within this movie.


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