Yellow Submarine (1968)

(l to r) John, George, Paul, Ringo and the Lord Mayor from "Yellow Submarine" 1968.

For those of you who remember this movie and tell yourself you plan to see that again some day, wait no longer. This 1968 classic from United Artists and King Features Syndicate stands the test of time as a fantastic movie with great artwork, great sountrack, good story and and enjoyable for all ages. This is one of those movies that I would pop in for the kids to watch day after day after day and still, I can find enjoyment watching this tale written and inspired by the Beatles 1966 song “Yellow Submarine” . The basic storyline begins in a make-believe land called Pepperland where the good folks who live there are attacked by the Blue Meanies, a music hating clan. A sailor named Fred (voice of Lance Percival) is sent to Liverpool, England, where he secures the help of the infamous singing group to help him regain the land from the Meanies. The pop art stylized backgrounds are impressive and when combined with the fantastic songs of the Beatles, gives the viewer a great film to experience time and time again.


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