Felidae (1994)

Francis (left) and Bluebeard (right) from "Felidae"

Not as well known to American filmgoers, the 1994 release of Felidae is what i would sum up as Disney’s Aristocats meet Micky Spillane.  The story was adapted from the first novel in the Felidae novel series by author Akif Pirinçci. The initial reviews I read on this film warned of graphic images and ‘not for the weak of heart’. Being as that I have long been a connesuir of bloody movies I felt I was safe by watching this one. Adult language (these cats cuss like sailors) and various graphic scenes (at one point a secondary feline character is shown with her head chopped off staring at the audience) and even a quick sex sequence with cats did not leave me feeling that it was thrown in there for the sake of showing it, but rather helped paint the mood for how an animal might perceive our world and the situations a tom cat like the main character Francis (voice of German actor Ulrich Tuker) finds himself in. This was an entertaining crime drama that start when Francis moves into a new neighborhood with his owner, only to discover that a series of brutal cat slayings have taken place. He makes his way around the neighborhood to find out as much information on this subject with the help of some new founded feline friends. The staging of the scenes and flow of animation in this film is superb, excellent flow of storyline-which helps give some credence to the amount of money spent by Trickompany animation studio…an estimated 10 million marks.

Finding copies of this excellent 1994 German release may be difficult to find and even more difficult for the English dubbed version, but for those dedicated to hunt out this film as I did, it’s well worth the search.


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