Fooly Cooly-aka FLCL (2006)

Haruko Haruhara on her vespa from "Fooly Cooly"

I was a bit hesitant to include this posting as I have found that anime is a bit like scotch-you have to develop a taste for it. I have reviewed a few Japanese style animated movies on this blog but didn’t want this to become the home of that style animation only. That being said, I do feel the series Fooly Cooly (also known as FLCL, or Furi Kuri (フリクリ) deserves praise for it’s superb blend of a traditional manga approach to characters amidst some really creative drawn sequences. Originally released in 2006 this series made a splash on Adult Swim and became a cult classic in no time. The show has been described as a mixture of science fiction, comedy, romance and philosophy but aside from being a humorous storyline, the artwork gives an expressive flow to everything that makes it entertaining on a number of levels. The basic plot revolves around a boy named Naota, whose humdrum life explodes with adventure when an extraterrestrial investigator named Haruko bursts forth and runs him down with her vespa wielding a blue vintage Rickenbacker 4001 left hand reverse strung guitar. Haruko works for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood and-I don’t want to give away any more of the plot as discovering the twists in the storyline is half the fun of watching this series. Savor this one even if you only get the chance to watch one episode.


One Response to “Fooly Cooly-aka FLCL (2006)”

  1. Haruko Haruhara Says:

    I ♥ FoolyCooly!

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