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American Pop (1981)

Posted in animation reviews with tags , , on May 30, 2011 by dpallee
American Pop

Little Pete (left. on bench) and Big Pete (right) from Ralph Bakshi's "American Pop"

I would have to list Ralph Bakshi among my top five favorite animators/producers of animation, and probably even cut him in the top three. His work has always been entertaining and, for its time, even groundbreaking in the American market with its alternate approach to storytelling and rotoscoping approach (although not the first to use this technique, I feel Bakshi did bring the popularity of it to the public, much more so than Disney or others). His 1981 film American Pop tells the story of  four generations of a Jewish American family and its connection to music, building a tale that stems from the 1890’s to the 1980’s. Each generation of this family has it’s personal tale of strife while pursuing the internal love of music, through war, drugs and organized crime with sound score provided by such notables as George Gershwin, Janis JoplinThe Doors, The Mamas and The Papas, Herbie Hancock, Lou Reed and Louis Prima. The one big giggle point for me in the movie (because so much of it is a tear-jerker) is the appearance of the Elvis-esque character that Little Pete (voice of Eric Taslitz) meets. A great movie that will leave you cheering at the end and maybe even give you a deeper appreciation of our musical culture.