Paprika (2006)

Dr. Seijiro Inui (middle, english version voice of Michael Forrest) parades into the dreamworld in 'Paprika'

A lot of you may have passed this movie by if you only viewed the promotional poster for it, which  was kind of bland and very misleading…picture of a girl on the front, title of the movie, what can you say about a film from that, right?  Trust me on this one and venture into a story that is half acid trip, half gripping detective story. Paprika is a blockbuster animated feature directed by Satoshi Kon, distributed in the states by Sony Pictures Entertainment and a must see even if you’re not a fan of traditional anime movies.

Paprika is a science fiction drama based on the 1993 novel of the same name about a clinical psychologist that enters people’s dreams with the use of a dangerous new machine. The psychologist, Dr. Atsuko Chiba (English version voice of Cindy Robinson) uses an alter ego persona known as ‘Paprika’ to venture into the minds of others dreams. This new form of treatment called dream therapy soon gets out of hand and the Dr. must rely on the aid of an investigator, an obese genius who invented the machine making dream therapy possible and clues from within the dream world itself as it begins to unravel into our world.

The graphics are among some of the best out there, vivid, imaginative and hypnotic. You’ll find yourself watching the dreamworld sequences repeatedly to catch a glimpse of something you missed the first time. There is so much imagery in it that you begin to experience visual overload, which plays into the whole feel of the story.  Most voices for the English dubbed version will not be noticed but for a bit of trivia, you should note that the voice of Dr. Sejiro Inui, chairman of the Institute of Psychiatric Research, is made by Michael Forrest. Forrest played Apollo in the 1967 Star Trek television series episode titled “Who Mourns For Adonis?”


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