This short film animation was a Pan-European award nominee in 2010, created by the French graphic & animation company H5. Attached to this post is a snippet from the sixteen minute, nine second production which for the moment can be seen in it’s entirety on the Belgian website Garage TV. I’m quoting the director here who describes this film spot on; “Logorama” paints the image of an “over-marketed” world by repossessing the visual codes of a consumer society that has been part of our lives since childhood. A clean and ordered universe, whose established order is headed straight for destruction through the cataclysm feared by every Californian: the Big One.” Take the time to see the entire version to see how creepy Ronald McDonald can actually be. The technique used to animate this piece is formidably considered 2 1/2D – a little 2d animation, a little 3d animation. The use of corporate logo overkill is genius and the quick moving story takes it to the very end. Watch and enjoy.


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