Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Gin (left), Miyuki (middle back)m Hana (left) and the baby Kiyoko (front) from "Tokyo Godfathers" .

Excellent illustrative quality, good storyline and a heart-breaking scenario, all in this classic 2003 animated film, “Tokyo Godfathers” from the creative mind of the late Satoshi Kon. Kon brought such notable anime to the screen such as Paprika (reviewed by me in an earlier post) and Millennium Actress brings this tragic story of three street people who discover am abandoned baby while searching through some trash. Along with the baby are some clues to help this trio of misfits find the baby’s parents. The trio includes Gin, a homeless man with a gambling and drinking problem, Miyuki, a runaway high school student and Hana, a drag queen.

The color theme of the movie is set more in the night, in the city, and plays well with the feeling of life on the street. The underlying stories of all the characters would be a pretty sad tale to watch but Kon manages to create a humorous look at the strengths and weaknesses of the main characters. Tokyo Godfathers is not a feel good Disney movie but a classic nonetheless tat shouldn’t be overlooked.


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