Green Lantern Emerald Knights (2011)

Bolphunga the Unrelentring from "Green Lantern Emerald Knight"

DC comics shines through once again with a spectacular DVD release, Green Lantern Emerald Knights. Most people know very little about the history of the Green Lantern character as this superhero has developed since the story’s conception in 1940. Much different now with a more diverse storyline, DC Universe continues to broaden the entertainment factor of their classic stars with rich scripts and vivid art direction.

GLEK is a compilation of stories involving Hal Jordan (voice of Nathan Fillion)  and the entire Green Lantern Corps. who have become threatened by am enemy from their past. The Green Lantern home planet faces annihilation which sets the universal squadron of protectors into action. Hal prepare a new Green Lantern Corps recruit,  Arisia (voice of Elizabeth Moss) for the upcoming battle, while telling her stories about some of the corps. more notable characters. The main story continues mixed in with four other entertaining tales involving different members of the Green Lantern Corps. a pleasing twist that introduces the viewer to more Lantern members and not just focusing on Hal Jordan.

Great storyline aside, DC didn’t just rest on their laurels of being a known name comic producer, they back up their good name with fantastic artwork, great fight sequences and stunning interpretations of off-world environments. The scenery for the short story involving Bolphunga the Unrelenting (see above image) had a surreal quality that reminded me of the award winning style of French artist Jean Gerard (aka Moebius). The movie successfully mixes 3d enhancement with 2d illustration giving a clean output that i enjoyable to the viewer.

Bravo to you DC for an excellent movie and please give us more like this in the future.


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