Les Maîtres du temps (the Time Masters) 1982

one of the many scenic backgrounds from "Les Maîtres du temps".

After a bit of searching I was able to find this great science fiction movie from 1982 and currently you can view it online (an 8 part series) via Youtube. Les Maîtres du temps (english translation “the Time Masters”) is the essence of what science fiction stories should be, in my opinion. Based off the 1958 book  L’Orphelin de Perdide (The Orphan of Perdide) this story is about a small boy named Piel who is abandoned on the planet Perdide after his father is killed from an attack-that being the weakest part of the movie as they really don’t go into any description as to who attacked the man or  why he was running from his assailants. Once I got into watching the movie I quickly forgot about this unanswered question as it proved to have little significance to the rest of the tale. Piel is stranded on this planet with nothing but a small communication device that can transmit and receive messages from a distant ship that is filled with friends of the stranded boy’s father.

The plot weaves through minor mishaps and by American standards may prove for some to be a bit lackluster as far as action goes. This is more old school science fiction, less emphasis on boy meets girl, boy conquers alien, boy gets girl storyline.  The attraction for me with Time Masters  was the different world scenery, quirky alien figures that popped in and out with no lengthy explanations as to their origins. This gives you the true flavor of exploration where things happen and you aren’t really sure why. Granted, total ambiguity in a storyline will leave one bored and constantly asking themselves “what does all this mean?” but this tales does stick to an odyssey  of adventure, a sad tale in all, but leaves out all the monstrous explosions.

Those familiar with the movie “Fantastic Planet” will certainly see the similarity in look and feel to backgrounds and colors used in “Time Masters”.  French animator and director Rene Laloux takes the conceived ideas from Jean Girard (aka Moebius for Heavy Metal magazine fans) to give us this wonderful adventurous tale with faceless angels, humorous humunculi sidekicks and a host of other creatures as well as a nice twist to the ending making this movie a true science fiction tale. Keep in mind that this is subtitled (French audio) but those of you used to foreign films should have no problem enjoying it.


2 Responses to “Les Maîtres du temps (the Time Masters) 1982”

  1. Keep up the amazing work!! I love how you wrote this and I also like the colors here on this site. Very good opinions expressed here 🙂

  2. Enfin un article interressant

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