Edit i ja (Edit and I) 2009

Edi (left) and Edit (middle being pushed by truck) from the 2009 movie "Edit i ja

I stumbled upon this fantastic movie via Youtube and would press the animation enthusiast to watch the 2009 sci-fi action movie Edit i ja (Edit and I) This film is brought to life on screen from the creative mind of Aleksa Gajic, noted Serbian comic artist, story written by Valerie Mangin. This has to be one of the best illustrated films I’ve seen to date with techno cityscapes and muted colors to give an urban feel to the 2074 streets of Belgrade(?). American viewers will have to give some leeway to the  subtitles which at some point read with a bit of foreign flair and some of the subtext will fly by at such a rapid pace you may find yourself missing some dialogue. This in no way takes away from the enjoyment of the film which tells the story of a girl named Edit (voice of Sanda Knezevic) who decides to get a micro chip implanted into her arm after failing her exams at school. Once the implant is in her strange things begin to happen which leads to her pursuit from the notorious group wanting to tap into the power she holds.

Certainly more can be understood from Serbian audiences as the movie is full of local references but what I enjoyed most were the fantastic drawings and animated sequences (a really impressive hoverboard scene is a must watch) so although some may claim that the storyline had been done before, or the outcome is a bit predictable, I feel that the end result is one of the more enjoyable movies out there. A note to anyone thinking their kids might enjoy this, the movie has a fair amount of nudity and overt sexual references.


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