Doctor Strange; The Sorcerer Supreme (2007)

Dr. Strange (left) and Gina (right) from the 2007 DVD release "Dr. Strange; The Sorcerer Supreme"

 I anticipated a great animated film from Marvel Comics/Lionsgate Films, the team that collaborated and brought us The Ultimate Avengers DVD releases as well as the Invincible Iron Man but was sorely disappointed in Dr. Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. This straight to DVD and Blue Ray disk was released in 2007 and later premiered on Cartoon Network in 2008. I applaud Marvel for broadening their super hero venue to include some of the more obscure characters and hope they continue to do so in the future. Marvel has a plethora of stars to pick from (I would love to see a really decent adaptation of Daredevil come out) but they missed the mark with Doc Strange.

 The film tells the story of Doctor Steven Strange, a less than compassionate surgeon who loses the use of his hands in a car accident. Strange has visions which lead him to Tibet where he receives training in the art of sorcery and the origin of this Marvel hero continues from there. The story (by no fault of it’s own ) is reminiscent of the screenplay for the 2005 film Batman Begins at first but plays out into the realm of magic and sorcery once Strange becomes trained as a sorcerer.

 The downfall of this film was the artwork. Flat coloring, lack of styling in the characters and poor key framing made this one hard to sit and enjoy. One of the most flagrant examples took place when the character Steven Strange and his friend Gina (see image above) are walking down the hall of the hospital. They appear to be falling forward; a bad planning job on the perspective of the shot.  The combat scenes seemed lackluster by comparison to other magic battle animated shows; a great example of magical combat would be Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conquerer of Shamaballa. The lack of energy and movement in the characters made the story drag when it could have been a visual stimulating story.

 I wait for the next release from Marvel/Lionsgate films and hope they strive to compete with the recent super hero successes out currently.


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