Titan AE (2000)

Cale (left) and Stith (right) from "Titan AE"

 Titan AE is a wonderful, exciting science fiction adventure by Gary Goldman and Don Bluth that received little praise at the box office but has grown a large cult following since its release in 2000. Both Bluth and Goldman are veteran animators from Disney studios and went on to produce animated classics The Land Before Time, Anastasia and An American Tail. Titan AE (the AE stands for ‘After Earth’) blasts into outer space with a story that begins with the Earth’s destruction where the main character, Cale (voice of Matt Damon) must avoid being captured by pure energy beings, find a hidden spaceship left by his father and save what is left of humanity.

 The movie features a stellar cast of voices, including Janeane Garofalo, Bill Pullman, Nathan Lane, John Leguizamo and Drew Barrymore. Like all Bluth projects, Titan AE carries a rich, colorful spectrum of backdrops, superbly animated characters and a variety of mood setting techniques that visually entertain the viewer. The direction of photography is top quality and should be noted as a perfect example of what to do for successful cinematography. The blending of computer generated backgrounds and traditional 2d imagery works seamless in this fantastic story written by Hans Bauer and Randall McCormick. It’s a shame that more companies can’t afford to produce and distribute quality work like this more often.

 The subplots within the story are no more mature than other Bluth films as animated film lovers will remember such dark moments from films like The Secret of Nimh or All Dogs Go To Heaven. Bluth has a uncanny ability to tone a serious subject matter in his movies and make it easy enough for a younger child to watch without becoming too scared by it. Any true science fiction fans will get a kick out of this film; I highly recommend it


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