The Magic Voyage (Die Abenteuer von Pico und Columbus) 1992

Pico (German voice by Jens Wawrczeck) convinces Columbus the world is round from 1992 “The Magic Voyage”.

The German animated film Die Abenteuer von Pico und Columbus (English translation The Adventures of Pico and Columbus) was  released in 1992 but gained more viewing in 1994 when released with English dub to American and Canadian direct to video audiences as The Magic Voyage. The film seems best deemed for home viewing and most entertaining to ages 6 through 9.  The film, produced by Bavaria Films, was conceived as a satirical view of the discovery of America and-like most cartoons-is not meant to be historically accurate.

 The story begins in 1492 as a small woodworm named Pico (2nd English Dub voice Corey Feldman) convinces Christopher Columbus (2nd English Dub voice Dom DeLuise) that the world is round. Columbus takes his discovery to the King and Queen and under threat of execution, Columbus must prove this theory by sailing into uncharted waters. The film takes off from there with comical exaggerated characters and antics that remind me of DePatie Frelengs The Inspector mixed in with a little Gilligans Island. One of the more frightening characters for the very young is the Swarm Lord (2nd English Dub voice of Dan Haggerty) who tries to do away with Columbus but for the majority of this film, the mood is comical.

 Although older viewers may see this film not so captivating to them, this one is a great play for younger kids who I imagine, years from now, can look back at this and get a kick out of the humorous little story and the favorite part they remember. Other English voice support was provided by such notables as Micky Rooney, Samantha Eggar and Gino Conforti. The Magic Voyage can be purchased for home collection or may be watched (as of this posting) on YouTube.


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