Justice League: Doom (2012)


DC Animated Universe and Warner Premiere give JLA fans a well paced action story in Justice League: Doom. Long gone from the days of Saturday morning cartoon status where television censors and quick turnaround budgets forced half-hearted scripts, this newer adaptation of the Justice League adds a bit more substance to it’s cast, both good and evil. Although not a direct sequel to the 2012 release¬†Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Doom does bring back the look and feel of drawings stylized for Crisis and continues to thread some human drama into the lives of these superhuman characters. I applaud DC’s effort to add more character personalities and conflict between the League members, yet still manage to give us a huge amount of action packed fight scenes and suspenseful situations.

The basic story line centers around the supervillain Vandal Savage (voice of Phil Morris) who plots to wipe out most of the world’s civilization so he may rule it, but first he must do away with all Justice League members. Savage incorporates the help of the Mirror Master, who stows away into the Bat Cave and retrieves critical data on all JLA members’ weaknesses. The hunt ensues as the ‘Legion of Doom’ methodically battle Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg. Betrayal from one of the League’s own plays a key element in the storyline but the big enjoyment for me is a dose of all my DC favorites in one story. Each crime fighter and villain get a fair amount of screen time that all works together into one great action adventure.

The voice talents brought to this movie include the recognized talent of Kevin Conroy as Batman (truly THE voice of Batman, in my book), Tim Daly as Superman and a cast that will hopefully stay on board with DC Animated Universe for future JLA movies. Although the artwork and style behind the characters developed have a somewhat simplistic look when compared to other DC productions (the red ‘S’ insignia on Superman has been stylized to be less dynamic in appearance, character shading during dramatic scenes are simplified) the script drives viewers to watch and enjoy this story and not focus so much on wanting more enrichment from the artwork. Justice League: Doom is a great afternoon movie to enjoy and I await future JLA movies with the anticipation of familiar faces and (hopefully) new one as well.


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