Osmosis Jones (2001)

Drix (left) the cold capsule and Osmosis Jones (right), the white blood cell from “Osmosis Jones”.

The live action/animated film, Osmosis Jones ,is a fun, funky film that did not play well at the box office when it opened to US and British audiences in 2001 but took on new life as a home video release. The film’s four directors (Tom Sito and Piet Kroon doing the animated portion and the Farrelly Brothers directing the live action segments) bring two stories into one to show how a man’s body fights off a potentially fatal virus. Comedic legends Bill Murray and Chris Rock tag team viewers throughout the film with the help of such noted actors as Molly Shannon, David Hyde Pierce and the chilling performance of Lawrence Fishburne as the villainous pathogenic agent, Thrax.

The story introduces us to Frank (played by Bill Murray), a widowed zookeeper that eats junk food, never exercises and ignores his health, all to the dismay of his daughter, Shane (played by Elena Franklin). The movie takes us from the outer world to the inner world of Frank’s body where an entire city lies full of organs, body fluids and a street wise member of Frank’s inner body police force named Osmosis Jones (voice of Chris Rock). Jones begins to hunt down this elusive criminal that wishes to do in his human host, following clues that eventually lead Osmosis Jones to the final showdown with the villain Thrax. The animation segments play out like a typical cop action film but with the use of imaginative characters and dazzling colors, this movie brings a nice twist to a familiar theme. The character Drix (voice of David Hyde Pierce) is a cold capsule Frank swallows to fight of his ailment, unaware that his problems are much more severe than a common ‘bug’. Drix provides what relief a capsule can but it will take a team effort from him and Jones to thwart the sickness inside Frank’s body.

The movie is riddled with clever adaptations from myriad police movies yet manages to give a humorous spin that makes the whole film great entertainment for viewers of all ages. Bill Murray’s portrayal of this grungy single parent is paced perfect for the film and no one actor overshadows another. The cast works perfect with one another to give a great movie to enjoy.


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