Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)

far in the distance, Morisaki (left) and Ansuna (right) in the 2011 film Children Who Chase Lost Voices.

 To date, this is the longest film created by Japanese Anime film creator/director Makato Shinkai. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (From Deep Below) is a fantastic film detailed with the most impressive background art I have seen in an animated movie. Released in Japan in 2011 and available on DVD and Blueray in Japan in November 2011, this masterpiece was picked up for distribution by Sentai Filmworks in 2012 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it re-released-complete with English dub-by a larger company.

 This epic adventure is a somber tale of a young girl named Asuna (voice of Hisako Kanemoto) who, with the aid of her substitute school teacher, Morisaki (voice of Kazuhiko Inoue), discover a world of wonder and beauty called Agartha through the aid of a magical crystal. This magical land is hidden from the outside world and protected by mythical guardian creatures called Quetzalcoatls. The story is both sad and exhilarating but what was most enjoyable for me was the scenery sequences that were beautifully treated and animated leaving the viewer to marvel at the vibrant colors and bigger than life landscapes throughout the film. The treatment given to detail adds a level of perfection I would rank as the best I have seen yet.

 Before the movie’s release in 2011, groundwork was already being laid to send this Manga adaptation into serialization so I am sure there will be more tie-in films or possibly a series to this grand scale movie. For now, audiences can be satisfied with this wonderful keystone of Inhoue’s work. The story adaptation has some weak plot explanations that could certainly be pointed out but I can easily overlook those issues and simply enjoy the film as it manages to entertain through visuals at a level of the highest quality. A must to be placed in your collection alongside any classic anime films.


5 Responses to “Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)”

  1. cupcakesakura Says:

    i would just love to see this movie =\^O^/=

    • Thank for the reply-it should be out on DVD/Blueray soon all over an I would imagine some larger company will pick it up and do and English dub version as well.

  2. I really love this film. A lot of people argue that it’s too derivative of Ghibli films, but that’s a surface evaluation. Shikai is definitely dealing with his own unique themes and ideas here, dealing with loss is not a theme typically dealt with in Ghibli movies. (Not to bash Ghibli movies, they have their own themes they deal with) Basically I thought it was a wonderful movie and was thoroughly satisfied by it altogether and I’m glad at least one person agrees with me. ;~;

    • As I have stated, I believe this film captures the best in illustrative backgrounds-truly something to watch…the opening sequence alone where Asuna is running home is spectacular.

  3. I recently watched the movie as well and i just fell in love with it. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. it was a tad confusing when they started in the new world… But it eventually was understood through paying really close attention >w.< really was a wonderful and sad movie throughout.

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