Wonder Woman (2009)

Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman

 One of the best story reboots I have come across in a while is the Warner Premiere DTV (Direct To Video) release of Wonder Woman. Cartoon superheroes offer few female figures as powerful in notoriety as the Amazonian Princess Diana, with her magic lasso, iconic outfit and superhuman abilities. The role of Wonder Woman as been adapted in a few Justice League movies but this feature length adventure gives audiences a great story of origin told in a superb script written by Michael Jelenic, William M. Marston and Gail Simone.

 The story begins in a battle between Queen Hippolta (voice of Virginia Madsen) and the Ares ( voice of Alfred Molina), the god of war. The queen defeats Ares in battle and imprisons him for the atrocities he unleashed on her tribe of Amazon warriors. The gods offer the queen and her people special powers to hide the island they live on, away from the eyes of mortals. Here they live in peace until years later when American fighter pilot Steve Trevor (voice of Nathan Fillion) crash lands on the island, forcing the Amazons to return him to the United States. A contest ensues to determine which warrior will take him back and it is the queen’s own daughter, Princess Diana (voice of Keri Russell) that wins the contest, dons the infamous Wonder Woman outfit and takes him back. The imprisoned Ares escapes and plots a new threat to the Amazon and the world which gives a well rounded story for this classic cartoon character.

 Warner Premiere animated feature length films have done a tremendous job giving their audiences good story lines on a few different DC Universe characters and Wonder Woman is no exception. The animation and illustration is not mind blowing but the chiseled inking of the figures plays fine within the context of a fantastic script. Watch this one for the story and enjoy.


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