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Justice League: War (2014)

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10, 2014 by dpallee

(left to right) Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg and Shazam from “Justice League: War”

 DC Universe Animated Original Movies continues to deliver breathtaking action with their Justice League animated direct-to-video production series. Their 2014 release, Justice League: War, is no exception. This edge of your seat heroic adventure is as big as the list of super heroes they packed into this great story adapted from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Justice League: Origin storyline. The collaborative efforts of director Jay Oliva and scriptwriter Heath Corson bring a fantastic tale to viewers with some of the best fight action sequences I have seen on video yet. The backgrounds swell with emotion and color while the sound editing accentuates the feeling of peril – a great production effort all around.

 The story takes a new twist to the old origins of the Justice League in presenting the relationship between the core list of super heroes most DC comics fans are familiar with. The more recent hero added to a familiar cast is the character Cyborg ( voice of Shemar Moore) whose origin story is worked into the plot of War. The citizens of the United States are not in favor with our familiar super friends and it takes a threat from another dimension to bring the group of DC warriors together. One of the most heinous of all super villains, Darkseid (voice of Steven Blum) battle Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Shazam (aka Captain Marvel) in a plot to overthrow our world and assimilate humans into his personal minions. You can make a lot of comparative analysis to this updated redux of the DC world; the bickering among the superheroes which is reminiscent of the relationship seen in the cast of Marvel’s Avengers movie – but I leave the analysis of those nuances to you. I just sat back and enjoyed the movie and give DC a huge bucket of praise for breaking the age old mold they had pinned their characters into years ago. All of the Justice League have a bit more adult vocabulary so parents, be forewarned – this is not your Saturday morning Super Friends group of heroes. This crew cusses and get into some real white knuckle fights – Superman even breaks his code and actually kills someone (although his alibi rests in the fact that he was possessed by evil technology invading his body at the time and the guy he kills was really really bad so…). The battles are superb and even though you know the outcome will be that the good guys win in the end, you will find yourself wondering if they will actually win this fight.

 The cast and crew of voices for Justice League: War are not the familiar group I expected – Kevin Conroy is not voicing Batman – but under the voice direction of veteran Andrea Romano (a true genius in the voice direction world of animation) this cast and crew make a wonderful presentation. Justice League: War is available for viewing through Amazon Instant Video and the movie runs 79 minutes which is typical run time for a feature length animated video. I highly recommend it for you as a classic example of what the new and improved DC Universe has to offer viewers.