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Une Vie de Chat (A Cat in Paris) 2010

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Dino the cat from Un Vie de Chat (2010)

  French directors Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alan Agnol bring to screen a pleasant film about a cat that leads a double life through the streets of Paris. Une Vie de Chat (A Cat in Paris) is a 2010 production I enjoyed for a a variety of reasons, foremost being the illustrated style given to the characters and scenery. The streets of Paris as seen following the adventures of Dino the cat bring an illustrated style that reminds me of the art by French post impressionist Paul Gauguin. The whimsical approach to the design and fluidity of movement make the entire production easy on the eyes to watch, colorful yet not overbearing.

The story follows the life of Dino the Cat, who lives with a young girl named Zoe by day and a burglar name Nico by night. Zoe’s mother is a police officer which brings one elemental tie-in to the story, another link being a small bracelet the cat brings as a gift to the young girl. Various characters pop in and out of the plot but the viewer ends up identifying the most with this sly black and striped cat. This is a French production so be prepared to translate it or pick up a copy with subtitles (even though I felt the animated visuals almost carry the story along without need of dialogue at all). A Cat in Paris represents the epitome of France through the style of art and flair of the design as strong as the scene location itself.